I believe the power of art lies in the personal and I am interested in exploring the relationship between phenomenology and painting in my work.

I draw inspiration from metaphysical painters. I have a deep value for art history, and seek to make work that is in conversation with time. My work is process-oriented, though this is not always visible. I make small figurative paintings and I make large abstract paintings. I use casein, acrylic, and oil. I am drawn to simple compositions that have a quiet intensity, inviting viewers to pause and reflect on the ordinary.

I am looking for a subtlety that interrogates personal obsessions and deepens the mystery of reality and the imagination. I am concerned with time and memory, gaps in knowledge, misreading, erasure and reconstruction, philosophy, the personal, and the universal. Through my work, I interrogate meaning in the underlying order of reality, in the enigmatic grace that exists in the understated and the overlooked.