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Poems in Print and Online:

"Alchemy" The Dodge (2022)

"State Regulations" Red Eft Review (2022)

"Dead Man at Brain Dead" Thuya Poetry Review (2021)

"Goodbye Everybody," Poetry South (2021)

"The Renegade Sanctuary," The Florida Review (2020)

"Landscape at the Getty" and "Loss of the Creature," Anklebiters (2019)

“One and Three Chairs” The Curator (2019)

“Western Motel” Written Here (2018)

“Adam Duritz Reads Wallace Stevens’ Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” McSweeneys (2017)

Three Poems, Tin Cannon (2015)

“To Contest a Parking Citation” The Curator (2015)

Two Poems, Orangelandia: The Literature of Inland Citrus (2014) Poetry Anthology